We create branded metaverse, web3, gaming, and live interactive experiences.

We create branded metaverse, gaming, and live interactive experiences on Fortnite and Core Games.

Corsair Studios works across the most active and popular metaverse platforms including Fortnite (UEFN), Core Games, and Roblox.

Axial Tilt metaverse RPG game on Core Games by Corsair Studios

Concept to Reality

Corsair Studios provides the development of metaverse experiences, games, and live virtual events from concept to reality.  We’ve created live interactive experiences for The Game Awards as well as full open-world RPGs.

Brand Activation

Corsair Studios has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. Let’s build an experience together that is unique to your brand.

Youtube Gaming red carpet event at The Game Awards inside of Axial Tilt on Core Games

Brand Activation Experience


"Working with Corsair Studios on Axial Tilt and The Game Awards live interactive event was a truly unique, fun, and collaborative experience."
The Game Awards logo
Geoff Keighley
CEO and Host, The Game Awards
"I've collaborated with Scott from Corsair Studios on many projects over the years. He and his team are always a pleasure to work with."
Epic Games Logo
Ed Zobrist
Head of Publishing (Retired), Epic Games

Let's Connect!

    Our Team

    Scott McClellan of Corsair Studios profile image

    Scott McClellan


    Scott is a gaming veteran with professional experience dating back to the PlayStation 1. He has designed, produced, and developed over 2 dozen titles across multiple platforms. He also has over 7 years expertise in brand activations and programmatic advertising.

    Andrew Harris profile picture

    Andrew Harris

    Lead Engineer

    Andrew is an expert programmer in Lua & C# and now Verse with experience building games in Fortnite, Core Games, Crayta, Roblox, Unity, and Unreal. He has won multiple contests for his content and released 9 mobile app titles.

    Nya profile picture on Corsair Studios

    Nya Alchemi

    Art Director

    Nya’s career spans over a decade of experience across platforms including Fortnite, Unreal, Sansar, Roblox, Core, Crayta, Second Life, The Sandbox, and more. Her art has won numerous awards and contests.

    A.I. Bot Assistant for Corsair Studios


    A.I. Assistant

    Our A.I. Bot "Eugene" assists us in a great number of ways! He is comprised of emerging A.I. tools including ChatGPT, MidJourney, and StableDiffusion to name a few. Eugene is always upgrading and always finding new ways to help out. We just worry we will all soon be working for him.

    Axial Tilt cover image on Fortnite Creative
    Medieval Village by Nya Alchemi on Core Games
    St Mark's Campanile by Trashbyrd on Core Games by Corsair Studios
    Haunted Castle on Fortnite Creative by Trashbyrd
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