What We Do

Corsair Studios provides the development of metaverse experiences, games, web3, and live virtual events from concept to reality. We work across the most active and popular metaverse platforms including Roblox, Fortnite, Core Games, Crayta, and The Sandbox. We’ve created live experiences with streaming video for The Game Awards as well as full open-world RPGs including Geoff Keighley’s Axial Tilt. Corsair Studios’s founder, Scott McClellan, has over 20 years of gaming industry experience as well as a background in brand integrations and programmatic advertising. Our team is currently working on two more live-streaming metaverse experiences for well-known brands with more soon to be announced.

Corsair Studios believes that this is just the beginning of brands’ reach into the metaverse and web3 as they continue chasing eyeballs that aren’t consuming traditional content. With our background in brand integrations and digital advertising, we know what brands and media buyers are after and are excited to partner with them in this new frontier. We are happy to answer any questions and are open to consultations and new projects.

What We’ve Done

The Game Awards 2021 in Axial Tilt on Core Games

The Game Awards Live

The 2021 Game Awards featured a live stream with interactive voting that allowed players to guess who would win each category. In-game prizes were given to the winning players and participants. Corsair Studios developed & helped design this live-streaming interactive experience on Core Games.

Axial Tilt on Core Games

The second incarnation of Axial Tilt was born on the Core Games metaverse platform in December 2021. Corsair Studios designed and developed this experience and catered it to the platform’s audience.

Armory Comic Book & Game NFT

Armory is an original comic book character written by Christos Gage (Batman/Fortnite, DC, Marvel) launching in late 2022. Corsair Studios is a founding partner of this project with Blue Kaiju Studio.

Axial Tilt on Fortnite Creative

Axial Tilt was built as one of the first metaverse experiences on Fortnite Creative in 2021. Corsair Studios produced this experience for Geoff Keighley and managed the pipeline with a team of talented Fortnite creators.


    The Team

    Scott McClellan, Founder

    Scott is a game veteran whose career spans back to 1995. He has designed, produced, and developed over 2 dozen titles across multiple platforms. He also has expertise in brand activations and programmatic advertising.

    Nya Alchemi, Art Director

    Nya’s career spans over a decade of experience across platforms including Unreal, Sansar, Roblox, Core, Crayta, Second Life, The Sandbox, and more. Her art has won numerous awards and contests.

    Andrew Harris, Lead Engineer

    Andrew is an expert Lua & C# programmer with experience building games in Core Games, Crayta, Roblox, and Unity. He has won multiple contests for his content and released 9 mobile app titles.