Scott McClellan is a game veteran with online advertising expertise whose career spans back to 1995. Scott enjoyed several different roles at RockYou and later Wild Sky Media, as VP of Ad Product and Ad Operations.

RockYou experienced a 600% growth in revenue from 2013 to 2015 where he led the day-to-day ad operations and product teams. Scott played a major role in that success and later lead the effort to build out the next generation of multi-platform ad product that supports RTB and headerbidding for display and video.

Scott has been involved in nearly every aspect of video game and web development; from concept, production, artwork, design, coding, sound, music, and video production and editing to group management, quality assurance, customer support, localization, and client relations.

Since joining RockYou in 2012, Scott designed and developed Movie Blitz for iOS, Android, and Facebook, design consulted for Kart World Facebook and produced The Walking Dead Social Game. Scott is also experienced and involved in rewards-based gaming products including Bingo by Ryzing and Jackpot Bingo. Other social game design and development credits include the Fast & Furious, Pool Club, Gossip Town, Word Trick, and TipTop.

In 2001, while working at ASAP Games, Scott designed and developed Pearl Harbor: Zero Hour. The game rocketed into the top ten of pc game sales charts and remained there for 3 months. Scott left the company in 2003 to focus on emerging web technologies and to work as an independent contractor and consultant.

Game Design Experience of Scott McClellan

Armory Comic Book & Game NFT

Armory is an original comic book character written by Christos Gage (Batman/Fortnite, DC, Marvel). This project is currently in development. Launching in the Summer of 2022.

Scott is a member of the board and advises on the design and direction of the project.

Tilt Trivia on Core Games

Tilt Trivia is a live, interactive metaverse event hosted by Geoff Keighley.

Scott was the game director and designer for this project. Launching in the Summer of 2022.

Axial Tilt on Core Games

The second incarnation of Axial Tilt was born on the Core Games metaverse platform in December 2021 and featured a live interactive experience during The Game Awards hosted by Geoff Keighley.

Scott was the game director and designer for this project and managed a team of 3 to get it completed in less than 2 months.

Axial Tilt on Fortnite Creative

Axial Tilt was built as one of the first metaverse experiences on Fortnite Creative in 2021 under Geoff Keighley.

Scott was the producer for this experience and managed the pipeline.

Bingo by Ryzing & Jackpot Bingo

Bingo by Ryzing for Facebook was acquired by Rockyou in 2012. Jackpot Bingo was developed in 2013.

Scott was the producer for both titles and managed the pipeline.

Movie Blitz

Movie video trivia game by Rockyou for Facebook, iOS and Android released in 2013.

Scott was responsible for the original concept and served as the project director.

Kart World

Arcade racing game released by Twiitch and Rockyou for Facebook in 2012.

Scott was a producer on the title who implemented changes that increased player engagement by over 300%.

The Walking Dead Social Game

Turn-based strategy game released by AMC/EyesWideGames/Rockyou for Facebook in 2012.

Scott was a producer who worked directly with AMC and EyesWideGames during the launch phase of the project.

Gossip Town

Turn-based social game by Angel City Games for Facebook in 2011.

Scott provided front-end design and development.

Pool Club

Turn-based billiards game released by ASAP Games for Facebook in 2009.

Scott designed most of the UI, provided art, tuned the physics and developed some of the front-end code.

The Fast & The Furious Car Show promo

Faction Racing (The Fast & The Furious)

Turn-based racing game released by ASAP Games for Facebook in 2008 as The Fast & The Furious.

Scott was a principal designer and ran the game with only one other resource from 2010 to 2011.

Tip Top Challenge

Match 3-type game released by ASAP Games for Facebook in 2008.

Scott provided design, front-end art and code for PHP framework.

AVP: Extinction

Real-time strategy game released by Zono/EA/Fox Interactive for consoles in 2001.

Scott designed the Space Marines campaign, designed elements of the UI and created 3D Models.

Metal Fatigue

Real-time strategy game released by Zono/Take2 in 2000 and re-released by Night Dive Studios in 2019 on Gog.com and Steam.

Scott designed the RimTech campaign and contributed to the game’s overall design and balance.

Pearl Harbor: Zero Hour

Arcade Shooter released by ASAP Games and Simon & Schuster in 2001.

Scott was responsible for the original concept, designed every level, created and skinned most of the 3D models.